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How You Can Help?

Become a Tutor

Why Tutor?

  • To help adults (age 18 and up) learn or improve upon the following skills:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Numeracy
  • Essential skills

How Do I Become A Tutor?

  • Application
  • Criminal Records Check
  • All tutors must complete a 12 hour Laubach Basic Tutor Workshop plus yearly upgrading workshops
  • Have strong reading and writing skills
  • Other criteria may apply

What Are The Tutors Responsibilities?

  • Tutor your learner a minimum of one 2 hour session per week; two sessions a week if possible
  • Commit to tutoring for a minimum of one year
  • Plan and prepare for weekly lessons
  • Keep a written record of your tutoring hours and preparation time
  • Keep a written record of student progress
  •  Report progress and tutoring hours to office monthly
  •  Call your learner if you must cancel
  •  Call the office if you have any concerns or questions
  •  Provide your learner with encouragement
  •  Treat your learner with respect and as a peer