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Online Lessons or Courses

Assess Your Essential Skills
How do your Essential Skills measure up? Find out with free online assessments.
For each occupation, there are three online assessments – one for reading, document use and numeracy. Work at your own pace. Each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

BBC Skillwise
Check out the free interactive online lessons. Improve your reading, writing, word grammar, sentence grammar, and spelling skills. You can also improve your math skills including number use, calculations, percents and fractions, measuring, shapes, and graphs.

BBC Webwise
Check out the free interactive online lessons about using the computer. You can learn computer basics, hardware, the internet, searching online, email, social media, online safety and security. There is also a wonderful selection of “Living & Interests” including lifestyle, mobile phones, photos, and shopping online.

GCF Learn Free
With over 750 Free Lessons about technology, math, and everyday life skills.
You can learn about computers, email, the internet, social media, and other digital topics. There are free online lessons with videos about Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Get Smarter About Money
Learn about money and finances. You can learn to manage your money and prepare for life events such as getting married, buying a car, or planning for retirement. There are interactive online tools, calculators, quizzes, and a blog.

Learning Hub
Sign up for free Independent Study, Live Classes, or Short Courses. You can register and do the courses at home or you can come to the Brant Skills Centre and complete the courses using one of our computers. Courses include reading, writing, math, GED prep, and so much more. Some popular live classes include Understanding Fractions, Punctuation, Spelling, and Using E-mail in the Workplace.

Money Belt: The City
Learn about money and finances through an online course. You can register under the Student Access. The City uses an interactive, hands-on, engaging format to teach financial life skills in a community setting. You can come to the Brant Skills Centre to complete the course online.

Practical Money Skills for Life
Explore financial information, use interactive calculators, and money games.
This website is great for all ages and can be used as a teaching tool for parents to teach their children about money too. Adult learners can watch videos from Khan Academy, reading articles, check out their online resources, and use online calculators.

The Learning Edge
The Wellington County Learning program created the Learning Edge to help adults improve their reading skills with interactive media. The online program is like a newspaper that learners can click on topics, read and listen to the articles, and watch videos. There are 12 lessons and each one has different activities including workplace issues and apprenticeship issues.

Online Worksheets

Kuta Software
You can download and print free math worksheets. Pre-algebra includes arithmetic, number theory, proportions and percents, equations, solid figures, exponents, and word problems. Algebra includes equations, inequalities, linear equations, trigonometry, exponents, polynomials, and quadratic functions. Geometry includes basics of geometry, triangles, quadrilaterals, right triangles, surface area and volume, and circles

QLWG Skills for Life: Strategies for Grammar
Free downloadable workbook about grammar. You will learn about the parts of speech, using nouns, plurals, capitalization, using pronouns, verbs, verb tense and forms, adjectives, and adverbs, and using punctuation. Use this workbook with other online lessons from BBC Skillwise.

QLWG Skills for Life: Strategies for Numbers 1
Free downloadable workbook about understanding numbers. You will learn to understand numbers, one-place, two-place, and three-place numbers, larger numbers, spelling numbers, comparing numbers and rounding numbers. Use this workbook with other online lessons from BBC Skillwise.

QLWG Skills for Life: Strategies for Numbers 2
Free downloadable workbook about adding and subtracting numbers. You will learn to add numbers, subtract numbers, word problems, money math, and estimating. Use this workbook with other online lessons from BBC Skillwise or sign up for live classes at the Learning Hub.

QLWG Skills for Life: Strategies for Numbers 3
Free downloadable workbook about multiplying, dividing, and fractions. You will learn to multiply whole numbers, multiply money, divide whole numbers, divide money, understanding fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, and fractions in recipes. Use this workbook with other online lessons from BBC Skillwise or sign up for live classes at the Learning Hub.

TSL Books Free Worksheets
Search hundreds of worksheets to print. You can search by topic including alphabet, language arts, geography, history, math, science, spelling, poetry, and much more. These worksheets are great to use with your tutor if you are working in Laubach Way to Reading 1 or 2.