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Apprenticeship Pathway

  • Learn about the apprenticeship pathway
  • Use the internet to do labour market research for trade occupations

Ask a Tech

  • Tech trouble or need help with your new device? We can help! Bring us your questions and bring along a device too (or use one of ours). We can work through it together.

Budgeting 101

  • Get the skills and knowledge needed to budget

Communicate Effectively Online

  • Learn about effective communication skills and the importance of clear communication
  • Why and how people communicate
  • What information are you trying to communicate and who are you trying to communicate it to 

Computer Basics

  • Understand your Windows 10 desktop, start menu, and taskbar

Consumer Knowledge

Credit Basics

  • Understand the basics of credit and debt

Cyber Safety

  • Learn about protecting yourself and your equipment.  Overview of:
    1. Safe Surfing; Socializing and Interacting Online
    2. Email and text fraud/phishing; Malware; Pharming; Spoofing; Password usage 

Email Basics

  • Use your email account and contact list to send and receive emails and attachments

Employment Track

Use a computer to:

  • Identify your field of interest and understand the labour market research
  • Search and apply for jobs

Excel Basics (2-part)

A spreadsheet program that enables people to organize, analyze, and manage numerical data by working with worksheets.

  • Create a worksheet/spreadsheet
  • Work with rows, columns and cells
  • Gridlines, borders and printing
  • Formulas, functions, formatting and charts

Exploring Online Learning

Thinking of getting your grade 12 diploma, or participating in a post-secondary or general interest course?  Maybe e-learning is the way to go.

  • Introduction to learning through electronic media and the internet (e-learning)

Food & Nutrition

Use the internet to research recipes, nutrition labels/information, food guides

  • Search for online flyers and coupons
  • Use the Flipp App

Internet Basics (Navigating the Internet)

  • Learn how to find information using Google and other search engines
  • Internet security and safe web browsing
  • Favorites and bookmarks

iPad Basics

  • Overview – Features and settings
  • Navigation – touch gestures and keyboard
  • iTunes and App store
  • Preinstalled Apps – Camera, FaceTime, Photos, Safari

Mac OS Basics

  • Learn the basics of using a MacBook

Microsoft Teams

Participants must have a Microsoft, Hotmail, Outlook Account to:

  • Learn how to use this app to video conference, chat, and share files

Online Learning Intro.

Thinking of getting your grade 12 diploma, or participating in a post-secondary or general interest course?  Maybe e-learning is the way to go.

  • Introduction to learning through electronic media and the internet (e-learning)

Online Storage

  • Learn about online storage and how you can store your photos, videos, and files.

PowerPoint Basics

PowerPoint is a software program used to create slides or individual pages to be used in electronic presentations

  • Create a slideshow presentation using slide designs, colours, fonts
  • Add pictures, animations, and transitions to your presentation

Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Create or update your resume and cover letter using Microsoft Word

Safe Shopping Online

  • Learn how to shop online safely through consumer research, personal information protection, and safe payment options

Shopping Your Pantry

  • Save time & money by learning how to shop & meal plan on a budget

Smart Phone Basics

  • Learn about operating systems, text/messaging, data and more.

Social Media


  • Manage your Facebook account to connect and share with your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Learn about privacy settings, uploading photos and videos, sending messages, posting status updates, and managing friend requests.


  • Manage your LinkedIn account to build your professional identity, strengthen or create a network, and discover business opportunities


  • Discover and save creative ideas through the sharing of images.
  • Need an idea for a travel destination or new DIY project? Use your Pinterest account to publish a Pinboard to share and discover new interests.


  • Use your Twitter account to communicate with friends, family, and the community.  Learn how to send and receive quick, short messages called “tweets”

Social Networking 101

  • Overview of applications used to create and share information and interact socially (social networking) – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter

Word Basics (2-part)

A word processing program that enables people to create and save documents

  • Create, format, save and print documents and labels
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Columns, text boxes and tables
  • Word Art, pictures and shapes
  • Spelling and grammar check


  • Learn to use this video conferencing app to stay connected

Soft Skills

  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Attitude
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Team Work
  • Time Management